Paterson Project

The Company’s Paterson Project, situated in the Paterson Province at the edge of the Pilbara Craton, is dominated by Proterozoic age rocks of the Rudall Metamorphic Complex and the overlying Yeneena Supergroup.  These are host to the Telfer Au-Cu deposit, and the Nifty and Maroochydore stratabound Cu-(Co) deposits.

Carawine’s Paterson Project is divided into four regions: Lamil Hills, Trotman South, Sunday, Red Dog and Baton .

Lamil Hills, approximately 25km northwest of the Telfer gold mine, is considered prospective for Telfer-style gold-copper mineralisation with similar host stratigraphy and the presence of domal structures on the tenement, and identified gold-copper mineralisation on adjacent tenure. Anomalous gold lag samples in outcrop on Carawine’s tenement have been reported by previous explorers.

Trotman South and Sunday are located 27km south of the Telfer gold mine and immediately west of the Maroochydore Cu-Co deposit. Trotman South has many of the structural elements normally associated with gold deposits in the Telfer region, i.e. domes/anticlines and WNW to NW-striking faults.  Interpreted demagnetised zones in otherwise strongly magnetic layers in gabbro-monzonite sills, could represent discrete alteration halos to gold mineralisation, with anomalous bedrock intersections in Rotary Air Blast (“RAB”) drilling occurring adjacent to one such zone.  Base metal (Zn, Co) anomalism in historic drilling also occurs within the tenement, associated with a variety of dolomitic sediments and intrusive bodies, indicating the potential for both sedex and skarn styles of base metal mineralisation. Sunday contains mapped occurrences of the Broadhurst Formation, host to the Nifty copper and Maroochydore copper-cobalt deposits.

Red Dog is located approximately 16km northeast of the Nifty copper mine in moderately deformed, low grade metasedimentary rocks along the NW margin of the Yeneena Basin. The tenement is considered prospective for stratiform Cu-Co deposits e.g. Nifty and Maroochydore, and Pb-Zn deposits e.g. Warrabarty, within the upper Broadhurst and Isdell Formations.  Drilling by previous explorer MMG Limited (MMG) returned several anomalous lead-zinc and copper-cobalt intercepts from aircore drilling at Red Dog. The anomalism and alteration patterns recognised by MMG remain open for further testing.

Baton is located about 100km north of the Nifty copper deposit, and contains copper, lead and zinc mineralisation hosted by dolomitic breccia in a sequence of dolomite, carbonaceous siltstone and carbonaceous shale of the Broadhurst Formation (host to the Nifty deposit). Brecciation is associated with a major NNW-trending, ENE-dipping fault that separates carbonaceous siltstone units to the west from crystalline carbonate units to the east. The style of mineralisation and stratigraphic setting of Baton is similar to that of the Warrabarty zinc deposit and the Millenium prospect. Historic drilling results have outlined a substantial mineralised system, with further work required to establish vectors to higher grade zones.

Paterson project tenements on a regional magnetic image.

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